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Our countertop installation service is the best way to ensure your new countertops look great and stay in top shape. We’ll take care of all the hard work, so you don’t have to—and we’ll protect your floors and walls during the process. Our installers in Williamsburg, VA, have been with Stoneware Kitchen and Bath LLC for years, and we’ve seen it all. We’re experts at ensuring that your new countertops fit perfectly into your space, and we know how to handle any quirks that might come up along the way.

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Our specialists will work with you to find the right countertop for your home and budget. Whether you’re looking for granite, quartz, wood, or laminate, we have a wide range of options available. Once you’ve found the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, our team will place an order and make sure the installation goes smoothly.

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We are committed to providing the best service and workmanship, so you can trust that we’ll get the job done right. We want every homeowner in Williamsburg, VA, who works with us to be happy with their decision, so we’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and make them easier for our clients.